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Welcome to The Diary Culture

Our Company Purpose, Mission, Vision & Identity

Our unique company culture makes us very different from most companies. Our culture eliminates glass ceilings, removes ego from decisions that impact other people, motivates people to be and do their best, and generally makes The Diary a very satisfying place to work – and for others to work with us.

Self-Management at The Diary

The Diary Structures, Practices and Processes that protect our Culture
doesn’t mean “no rules” or no “hierarchy”. We establish boundaries that make sense for the situation at hand. Our processes protect our Culture from the insidious bureaucracy that many companies experience as they grow. We intend to maintain a culture that encourages personal growth, satisfaction, and having fun at work when we are at 100,000 employees just as we did when we had 10 employees.

Our Culture in our own words

Management at The Diary is NOT top-down. We ALL own it, improve it and protect it. In our own words, we describe what it means to each of us…

Like any society, we must all follow the principles of our Culture – these are our society’s rules and boundaries.